Website & Email Support

Help is only a phone call away

Should you require support for your website, email or domain names, please contact us on (07) 4035 6006 or 1300 88 25 33 or email us on


Want to access your emails while travelling?

You can securely access your emails from any computer connected to the internet by going to
and then entering your email address and email password.


Need help with setting up an email account on your computer

If you are having email setup issues, to enable us to effectively assist you please click on the appropriate QuickSupport download link below, which will allow us to remotely control your computer.



What is my IP address?

When contacting us about an issue, we might ask you what your IP address is. Your IP address is a unique number that identifies your connection to the internet. To easiy find your IP address, simply click on the link below: 

Show me my public IP (IPv4) address.


Setting up Stripe for your Mindwire eCommerce website

Follow these simple instructions on how to set up Stripe for your Mindwire eCommerce website.


Tutorials on using the Mindwire Content Manager

We are in the process of creating videos to show you how to update your website using the Mindwire Content manager.
Click here to view the current video.
More will be added shortly.

Generating an Instagram Access Token

For us to be able to connect your website to your Instagram account, you will need to generate an access token.
To do this, simply click on the button below and authorise an access token to be generated. Once you have your access token, please contact us via phone on (07) 4035 6006.